Take advantage of this great weather and decorate your home this weekend!

I am Bert and I am here with Brenda. Brenda is the owner of Halloween Express. Halloween Express is in a new location this year, so Brenda, tell us about where we're at, how do people find you, and we're going to talk about home décor, because it's the time. It's the season.

This is the time, and with the weather changing, and, it's supposed to be a little bit on the cooler side for the weekend, that definitely gets people in the mode of thinking about what do they have from last year. They're digging up in their garages and up in their attics, looking at what they may have, seeing if things are broken or they want to replace something with something new, so we'll talk a little bit about home décor, but first I'm going to let you guys know where our new location is at. We are currently at 1500 13th avenue East here in West Fargo.

We absolutely love our new location. We have 2,000 square feet more of stuff for people to look at. Our fitting rooms are wonderful. We've got more of these, even, this year to help assist all of those people looking to try on costumes. We're located right next to Menards, so we welcome you guys in are Halloween super store.

Yeah, it is huge. I know, just by looking at us standing here, you don't even get a real good view of everything that's in here, but this is amazing. I absolutely love it.

It has been. We've had so much positive feedback from our clients in regards to just the selection, the layout, the lighting. Everything is just set up for your shopping experience here at Halloween Express, and we happen to be standing behind just a couple of small home décor items that are great if you're looking to accessorize your home or your garage for that upcoming party. In regards to spiders, we've got all kinds of either hanging spiders, spiders that eyes light up, spiders that move, spiders that can be motion or sound-activated, and all of these creatures are going to be anywhere from 39.99 all the way down to under $10, so if you're looking to do some kind of fun little accessory that's not over the top scary, and something that will store easily and be reusable for seasons to come, we're kind of standing next to that area.

We also have some of these really fun ... They're called bloody deathbeds, but what they are are a whole scene that you can set up in your garage that's a skeletal scene that is all ready to go. It's got the little bloody, kind of gory details all provided, and you can just simply lay that out whether you want to create that graveyard scene in your yard for kids coming to trick or treat, or whether you're looking to do something in your garage.

We also have one of our creepy, spooky little zombie girls, and she is a motion and sensor-activated zombie. I don't have her working right now, because if I did, where we're standing, she would be going off nonstop. She speaks and has some different sayings that she will say, as well as her eyes light up. She's an awesome prop, easy to store, and definitely will add a little bit of excitement to your party.

Yeah. We'll show them as we go along here.

We will, we will. We're also just going to move back here to some of our hanging animatronics. What's nice about these is, again, they're very easy to store. They're either motion or sound-activated. They do not require any sort of electrical plugin. The ones that are hanging behind us are just simply battery-operated, usually running on a double A battery. We provide batteries with all of the things that you'll purchase, so we've got you set for that party experience. You don't have to worry about fumbling to find them, but they are very easy to be able to hang anywhere. Price points are excellent. We've got from really creepy scary, to cute, friendly ghosts that are not so creepy, so if you're looking for that little added accessory to hang in your home, we've got all kinds of options located right behind us.

Yeah, and as you mentioned before, you have really paid attention this year to price points and make it affordable for people, right?

We have. That's always a number one request when it comes to clients looking, whether it be costumes or home décor, they're always looking for the best value. Here at Halloween Express, we focus on price point, we focus on price matching so that we can make sure that you are definitely getting the best value for your Halloween party. One other thing before we move onto costumes this morning is, we have a series of life size dummies, and these are awesome accessory items. We sold several of them yesterday. We do a lot with the haunted corn mazes and haunted farms here in town, but people use them to be able to outfit or decorate them how they want.

If you're having a zombie theme party, you can go ahead and outfit this. It's basically a life size, posable dummy that has a wire in the arm and legs, so you can change their position, stand them in a chair, but they're awesome and they're very easy to store, nice price points, as well, but they're one of those fun accessory items that people love whether they're doing a fall theme and they want it to look like a scarecrow, or whether they're doing more of a haunted theme, but we do real well with them.

Okay. I would put one in my car.

People do. People that love to just have fun will kind of outfit them and dress them up and throw them in their car and see how many people will look at them.

I want to put one in my boss's office and set it in his chair, so that when he walks in ... Make, like, a picture of his face. When he walks in, he's like, "What?"

No, people have a lot of great fun with them. That's another really fun item that we sell here at the store that you maybe wouldn't come to think of, but they're an awesome accessory to be able to accessorize your home and give it that little extra fun touch.

Oh, it's great. Okay, so, let's go over and show us some of the kids' costumes.

Yes. This is going to be a very big weekend for kids' costumes, being it's the first full weekend of October, so we'll just move on over and take a peak.

Let's do it. Let's talk about girls. Let's talk about girls and what there is for girls.

Costumes, and what they maybe have asked us for ... Girls have a really fun sense of imagination in regards to they generally like to be pretty. They like to talk about princesses and their imagination takes them in really fun ideas and fun places. Behind us, we have a whole series of young girls, starting at about four to six, all the way up to 10 to 12 for sizes in this section. We've got fun, broken dolls, rag-doll costumes, which, one nice thing with the vendors we work with, most of the costumes will come complete, meaning they'll come with the full costume, they'll come with the leggings. They'll come complete and ready to go so the mom or the dad do not have to worry about buying all these extra accessories if they do not want to spend the money on that.

What's really fun about a lot of these costumes, too, is if you want, you can accessorize them, and we can do a lot of themed ideas. What I mean by themed ideas is, a family comes in and they've got a couple of little girls, let's say. We've got several options, one of which is our brand new creepy scarecrow. One of the best family ideas that we often outfit couples and kids with is Wizard of Oz, so if you are thinking, "Hey, I want to go as that," right now we've got the tin man for dad, we've got Glenda the good witch for mom, and if one of the little ones wants to go as the scarecrow, and then of course we ultimately have Dorothy. If you're looking to be able to go as a family ...

That's a great idea.

It is, and it's cute and it's fun, so if you're looking to do something themed we've got several different costume ideas that will allow for that, and once again at fantastic price points right now. If you're looking for something that is a little bit more on the princess side of things, we've got basically every princess covered, whether you're looking for Aurora, whether you're looking for an Elsa or an Anna, or you're looking for Cinderella, we've got all of those and several different dress options in each of those categories for you, and all different price points covered, from little ones to older ones.

I have to just say, this one cracks me up. This ...

Oh, zombie girl.

Zombie ...

Little zombie girl, and she's in some zombie pajamas and she carries this little zombie doll. I know, it is, and they're fun if you want to do something a little bit more creepy, because we do have those girls that do walk a little bit on the darker side and like to do that little bit more spooky than darling type look. We have a lot of costumes like that. Our back wall is really focused right now on Monster High, which has still been a very popular request. We've got full costumes, if you want to do the darling little skirts with matching shirts.

If you want to go a little bit simpler and do one of our bagged costumes, we've got bagged costumes with all the wigs and accessories located right behind us, as well as where you are, Bert, which is our little girls' superhero section. That is often a really big family costume idea, as well, because we have a whole wall for mom and dad with superhero ideas. We've got a whole section that we'll talk about in a moment on little boy superheroes, so it would only be right for us to have a wall of superheroes for girls.

Whether you're looking for full body suits or fun dresses, we have all kinds of ideas right behind us, and wonderful weapons and accessories to go with them.

Say, for example, that one of these costumes came with ... Say, somebody wanted to do their face, so the whole costume's here, but then they want to do something with their face. You've got the face paint and everything, right?

We do. Whether you want to do a wig or some type of a hair accessory, if you want to outfit and change the look of your face through a makeup product, or maybe it's a special effect product. Maybe you want to do a zombie look, like that little zombie girl costume, but you want to have a little bit of rotting skin or rotting flesh on your face. We have a whole series of special effects makeup that we can help you to learn how to apply, as well as all the different types of blood products, to give you that special ... It takes your costume from looking good to looking great, and I think that's what we specialize here at Halloween Express. We can take anybody's idea and make them look terrific when they walk out the door.

Yeah, and when I was up at the till I noticed ... For somebody who doesn't really want to wear a costume but they really want to be in the spirit. I saw the cutest earrings, and they're super lightweight. They're kind of a bigger earring, but so lightweight that little kids, they wear them and hey don't hurt their little, tiny ears.

We call them our Hocus Pocus earrings, and they're darling. They're little witch earrings, kind of off the movie Hocus Pocus. We do really well with them, and a lot of people do that for work events. Maybe they're a teacher in the school district and they want something fun but they really can't wear a full costume to work. We have all kinds of cute headbands. We have darling T shirts that you could do superhero or Minion, and then we have all kinds of what we call grab and go accessories, things that we sell right up at the till that are totally price point-driven. For under $5, we can get you outfitted with fun eyeballs or witch's fingers, things that you can grab at the till and go to outfit yourself for not a lot of money.


Next to us here, we have some of our brand new costumes for this season that we're focusing on. This one happens to be one of our animal costumes, which, we get a lot of little girls that do want to dress as some type of an animal, and this is our Sugar Sugar line, which focuses right now on this darling little owl. It comes with this darling little owl hat, super cute costume. We provide the leggings. We've got, actually, a special this weekend on leggings, buy one get one free, for girls.

We've got leggings on special, but this is a fun, complete outfit, great price point again, but darling if you want something cute and animal, which is oftentimes a big request. Right above it we've got GG the Giraffe, so if you're also looking, you have a couple of daughters and they both want to go as animal costumed ideas, this would be a great sister idea for both little girls. We've got them in all sizes, from little, little girls to kind of pre-teen.

Yeah, or besties, you know, best friend. "Dang, I want to be with you."

Exactly. Yes. Great, great, ideas. Beneath us, here, we have just some fun other costumes. If you do have a daughter, again, that wants a little bit more of a spooky scary costume, our Soul Seeker always does very well and we've got that both in girl and boy. Again, if you have two children, son and daughter and they want to go as something together, that is a wonderful idea. We've got the great black makeup that you can see her wearing with the lipstick, as well, and then we've got great witches. Witches never go out of style, whether they're spooky or whether they're darling. We sell witch costumes constantly and we have all the brooms and accessories to go with them. That's a darling little switch witch on the bottom.

Very cute.

As we make our way over to this section here, this is another entire wall of girl costumes, again from that size four-six, on up to, basically, pre-teen. Our wall of Disney, and then we've got a lot of our, whether it be cheerleaders, to devils, to nurses, all right here on this wall. All of these are price point-driven at under $14, which, again, we're looking for parents to save money, not necessarily having to break the bank for Halloween, but yet outfit your daughter or son in some awesome costumes. We've got, like I said, great price points here and these are all going to be under that $14 price point.

Okay, so, how about this? You know how sometimes you might have your child in a size 10 and you don't know for sure. You're like, "Okay, well, I don't want it to be skimpy because maybe my youngest will use it next year." You have dressing rooms, too, right?

We have dressing rooms, and one thing, too, that we focus a lot on is we do have a series of what we call teenage or pre-teen costumes, so there again, it's priced like kid's costumes but they are going to give you the extra length and longer-sleeved, so that they're more clothed but yet they give a little bit more of a mature look, not as mature as our women's costumes we'll give, but they're not that babyish look, and I know I hear that a lot in my household with a pre-teen that doesn't necessarily want to look like her younger sister in more of a girl's costume, but isn't really ready for our women's costumes yet. We do have pre-teen costumes mixed in, both in boy and girl, in all of our sections, here. We do try to cater to families that are looking to, like I said, outfit their kids on a budget but also don't want them to look really skimpy with clothing. We want to have them dressed age-appropriate.

Right. This also is something to think about. We're talking Halloween, but I know people who have had Christmas events, like, they need to outfit an angel or they need to outfit somebody for Christmas and they haven't though of that yet, and then after Halloween is over, they're like, "Oh, darn it, I wish I would have picked up this type of thing," so they're planning for that, too, right?

We do. We have a lot of people that do themed party events, whether it be a new years party or a Mardi Gras theme. Last night we had three families that were in, all of which were looking at things that were kind of outside the box. They weren't necessarily Halloween. A couple of those families were still focusing on Spirit Week, because we still do have the high school Spirit Week still taking place, so we're doing a lot of costume ideas for that. We do a lot of grab and go things, whether it be tutus that the kids will wear. Bodysuits or our skin suits are real popular for the guys, which we'll talk about in a moment, and then a lot of our wigged product or our hairspray product.

I know we had one family at the till last night that had a child turning one, and everybody coming to the party had to come in costume, and so they bought a ton of stuff for that. We do have a lot of families that do think outside the box, and it's not all for Halloween.

Yeah, okay, that's great.

Right behind us, we have a lot of costumes where maybe it's a boy or a girl but they're not necessarily into Disney and they're really not into scary costumes, but they want to dress up. We have a series of clown costumes and what I call my food costumes. Food costumes are huge and they're huge in all ages. I've got food costumes with little toddlers all the way up to adult, but right behind us, we happen to be standing next to our banana, our pizza slice and our peanut butter and jelly costume. They're darling, and they're simple. You wear your own clothing. They have just a simple, over the head type closure, easy to wear, school appropriate, party appropriate, and, once again, excellent price points.

We also have a darling monkey costume that pairs up wonderfully with the banana, as well as our peanut butter and jelly up there, Bert, is excellent if you have ... Whether it be two children in your family, or like you said a little while ago, besties, two friends that want to go together. It's two costumes in one, excellent price points, again, for people to be thinking of, but fun ways to do something if your child's a little bit more humorous and likes to do something on the fun side.

Also, we happen to be standing next to Star Wars, which always is a classic, a classic movie. We do so well with it every year. We've got Star Wars in both children's and we do an adult's, so if you, again, want to go as a family-themed idea, we've got all the Star Wars, and all, of course, the weaponry. You cannot be a Luke Skywalker without having the proper lightsaber, and so we have all of the weaponry which we can head over and talk about in a moment, but when it comes to children, oftentimes that is a huge point for them, is making sure that they have the proper accessory to go with it.

The movie's coming out, right, in December?

It is, so that is going to be another popular request, and usually what we find at the register is people coming in following the trends. They're usually following movie trends, is our first thing that they'll ask us for, whether it's a TV show, a series that's on, maybe a Netflix special, or what's playing at the movie theaters. Right now, we have a lot of requests for either current movies playing or future movies that are coming out.

Okay, I can't walk away without saying this. Can you imagine a little tiny ... Like, a little baby ... These are so darn cute.

Yes, they're darling little children wigs. These are part of our Lalaloopsy, which is a show and a doll that is out there that we still get requests for in that, let's just say, two to six year old little girl range, and we've got all the wigs here for kids.

It's so cute.

I know a lot of times people think that we would only have wigs for adults, but we have wigs for little kids all the way up to adults here at Halloween Express.

Yeah, and, you know what? When I was little, we played dress up, so these kinds of costumes are always fun just to even afterwards, you have them in a little room and they just play dress up.

We do. We have a lot of families, even daycare centers, that will come in towards the end of the season, and will buy up a lot of what we have that way, because they'll have big bins, like you said, for kids, for dress up play. These costumes are not just being worn the night of Halloween, but they get wore all season long. Actually, as we make our way over, now we're going to talk a little bit about boy, because we can't forget about the boys out there and what's hot for boys this season ... Well, blow ups. My conversation this morning wouldn't be complete if we didn't talk a little bit about air blow-ins or our blow up costumes, and they have been flying off the shelves.

Actually, I'm down to just a couple skews left of our t-rex, which has been our number one most requested item so far this Halloween season when it comes to our blow up costumes. You may ask me, what is a blow up? A blow up is a full costume that has an air pack or a fan pack that's located inside the costume to blow you up and kids love them. Of all ages, we have a whole wall of them in the back for adults, but they're excellent and fun, humorous ideas.

Right now, we happen to be standing next to our sumo wrestler, but we've got children riding a bull, we've got our wonderful t-rex.

I have to take this one off, this is so cute.

It is, they're darling. They're darling, they're fun. Kids absolutely love them. They're fun to try on. They just have a great time with them. When it comes to blow ups here at Halloween Express, we have you covered. When it comes to sizes, being able to try them on. We expanded our showroom this season to make sure that we could benefit our clients in providing the biggest selection and the most options out there, all price points, but with our blow ups, they have been such a number one request. Feel free to stop in. Fitting rooms are available. We've got all sizes out on the floor, whether it's for a small child or we've got our teen and adult section in the back, but we want to make sure that you know that if you're looking for a blow up, stop into Halloween Express. We have them here.

Okay, so, let's talk superhero.

Okay, superhero, we have got all different kinds of superheroes, whether you want to be Aquaman to Superman, Spiderman, of course, and then we have a whole series of Captain America which we still get a huge request for. All sizes, so if you're looking for something in that little boy up to that pre-teen again, we've got all the different sizes in stock. We've got costumes with muscles, costumes without muscles, face masks, no face mask if you want to go ahead and paint your face, and all weaponry, because there is no superhero that is totally complete without having that perfect weapon, so, as it's a Captain America shield to any type of glove or accessory, we have everything covered in our aisle next to us, which we're going to talk a little bit more about in just a moment.

We have, like I said, a whole wall of weapons, and when it comes to little boys, I just chuckle up at the till, because when they walk in and we greet them, little boys run directly to weaponry. I don't care where our location is, how big our location is, they can sniff out weapons better than a bloodhound can sniff out a criminal, I swear, because they know where the weaponry is, and that's the area that they usually go to and first pick out what they want, then they'll come back over and pick out the costume that will match it.

The one nice thing here at Halloween Express is we do focus on those accessories, so we do have that matching accessory for every costume, which, if we're talking ninja, which you happen to be standing right next to our section of ninjas, Bert, we've got from blue to green, black to white, every color ninja, every type of ninja, ninjas that I didn't even know existed, and every type of accessory. If you're looking for a scythe to some type of a sword, we have all of that, and price point's huge. Once again, we focus on price points that are going to be under $14 for complete ninja costumes, which comes with the face mask, all the wrist and leg wraps, the full suit ready to go for you. We have all sizes and we have fitting rooms waiting and available for parents to make shopping easy.

We want you to come in this weekend, grab your kids and make it a fun event. Come in, try it on, and be out the door.

Speaking of this weekend, you have, is it trick or treat bags?

We do. We have trick or treat bags. You can take your pick from trick or treat bags which we have up at the till, and we have an assorted amount of different styles that the kids can pick from, whether it's from a Frankenstein to a cute little ghost, or we have a whole series of safety products, and our safety products are light up products, whether they're little lanyards that the children wear around their neck the night of Halloween, or we've got little bracelets that they can tie around their wrist. We have those that you can get up a the till free of charge this weekend when you purchase your child's costume, so they can pick from either a trick or treat bag, or a light up product from us, right up at the till, because we want to make sure that the kids are safe and ready to go for this Halloween season.

Okay, so, Brenda, talk about weapons. Tell us about weapons and what the kids love.

I mentioned just a moment ago as we were talking superhero for boy, no Captain America can be complete without a shield, and we've got small shields for little tykes, up to big shields that we have up on display up on our wall for the adults, but we've got weaponry covered. I don't care what age you are. We have dads with their sons that will sit in our weapon aisle and they will play as if they were at home. We have all kind of weaponry, and I know ... Yep. Bert's going for the knife. We have a whole series of bloody knives. We have a whole series of bloody knives ... Exactly, and this is what they do in the weapon aisle. We get such a charge out of it. We've got, from our awesome Scream collection, which, these knives are probably our most sought after, simply because they are so lifelike, where they've got the oozing blood inside them, and all little boys absolutely love the effect of what they can do.

We've got them in the little mini-machete bleeding knife up to the large machete knife. We've got a whole series of zombie props, so if you're looking for a bullet belt to, again, a bloody knife, we have that. If you're looking for anything to make yourself over as a little ninja, we talked about ninja costumes and how you can't be complete without the weaponry. Right along this wall here we have ninja swords that you can wear on your back. We have ninja shields that you can wear on the front of you. We have scythes, we have all kinds of options for ninja. No ninja can be complete without that wonderful weapon.

You have everything. You have Indiana Jones ...

We do.

You name it, Star Wars, Archer ...

Yes, we do. Whether you're looking to go the gladiator theme where you want a sword with the shield mask for that, to Deadpool which is located beside it, down to Ninja Turtle, and of course, the sword for Zelda with Nintendo. We have it all covered here at Halloween Express. Your accent piece, your weaponry piece, we have everything covered. Once again, price points are excellent on weaponry. Wonderful price points, we are not meant to break the bank for parents this weekend when they bring their kids out.

Even a little chainsaw ...

Wouldn't be complete without a Chainsaw Massacre chainsaw, so we have every item covered, and even these awesome, fun walking sticks that are all different colors, so if you're looking to go as more of that sorcerer, we've got all kinds of fun.

Oh, my goodness.

That's a big scythe, yes, a big scythe. We just got that in and it's actually my last one. We got them in last week and the kids love them, very lifelike and a lot of fun.

Nice and lightweight, too.

Light, yep. Yes.

Anyone could carry it.

Anyone could carry it. We happen .... Just before we end our morning with you guys, one of our best selling costumes for boys, and has been for a number of years, has been Halo. I don't care if you're young or old, Master Chief is number one in most men and little boys' eyes, and we have a whole series of Halo costumes in all sizes, once again, with and without muscles. If you want to go as Spartan Buck, to, again, Master Chief, we've got all of your accessories covered, all of your full costumes. We also have a section in the back if you're looking for boot covers and gloves, or you just simply want the Master Chief helmet. We have all of that here at Halloween Express, looking to outfit your child over this Halloween season.

There isn't anything that you don't have.

I would say, with as many skews as we carry, we've got about 20,000 skews in store, so there is not a lot that we won't have. Again, I can not stress to parents, shop early when it comes to kids' costumes. Again, what you see on the floor, we've got, but again, if we run out of a size, it is tough to get a lot more in with Halloween only a number of weeks away, so we want to make sure you think early, plan ahead, so you can get that favorite child's costume and be their superhero this Halloween season.

Okay, let's talk about little stinker potters, the little munchkins.

Yes, little munchkins, yes, the little munchkins.

We want to make sure they're warm and cozy, so what do you have?

We do. This happens to be one of our pink and purple spotted little monster costumes, and one thing, living here in the Dakotas, you never can predict what the weather is going to be. Generally speaking, it's going to be chilly, and when it comes to little ones, they don't like to be restricted in a million different things for Halloween, but yet, you want them to be darling. This is a great costume, excellent price point, parents, that's a full costume. Comes with the little hat, so you don't have to worry about their ears, full costume, wonderful breakaway snaps, so easy to change diapers and easy to get this on them, but absolutely adorable, comes with a little built in little monster foot booties, just super cute, yes.

Yeah, put their jammies on underneath, take them home, they fall asleep and you pull this little costume off.

... off and away you go.

Away you go ...

We do, and now, let's just say, you were talking about some friends of yours that have twins. Let's say you've got a little girl, she's going to go as the monster, but now you've got a little boy. That mini-martian is part of the same series of costume. If you're looking for something that is absolutely darling, and we can just take this out, Bert, and just take a peek at just how cute it is. All of our costumes, like I said, very easy to try on if you wish to try it on with the little one ... Come with the feet and the head piece, all in one. I'll let you grab the body of the martian.

Oh, my gosh, these are wonderful.

Absolutely darling.

They're so quality.

Look at how cute this little head piece is. Is that not absolutely darling?

Yeah, and then this little sparkly bit. It's all soft.

It is, and they also come with, of course, you wouldn't be complete without the little martian feet.

Oh, look.

It's super ... Yeah, just darling.

So they don't fall, this little ...

Yeah, little slip pads, yeah. I know.

Slip pads on the bottom of the feet ...

Just absolutely darling. This is a whole series of costumes that we have that are very complete, come with the head piece, come with the little feet. On our back wall, we've got little garden gnomes to little flowers, animal pieces that are all in this collection, but let's jus say your child's just a squeak older and wants to help pick out their own costume. We have a whole series of Disney costumes, whether you want to go as a Woody, whether you want to go as a Buzz Lightyear, or maybe they want to do a darling pirate. We have super cute pirate costumes that come with the little tattoo sleeves and muscle chests that are absolutely darling.

One of our big requests this season for little ones has been the PJ Mask series. Again, my children are a little bit out of that phase, so I'm not as familiar with that, but I've become a lot more familiar with all the requests we've had. We have all the sizes and all the characters located here at Halloween Express.

What is the PJ Mask?

It must be ... I'm gathering, and I hope I'm not going to get this right for people listening, but I'm gathering it must be a show that little kids are into watching at that age, that we have had request after request for. We have all the sizes still on the shelf. That's been a popular item but we've been getting more supply daily, so we've got the shelves stocked, so we should be good.

Okay, perfect.


Bring your little ones in.

Bring your little ones in. Remember, Halloween Express, whether it's young or old, we have you covered. It's our new location, 1500 13th avenue East, next to Menards, Halloween Express, your Halloween superstore.

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