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I'm Bert Quintero and I'm here, today, with Brenda Giere, we are at Halloween Express. Halloween Express is at a new location this year. So Brenda, tell us where you're at and-

Okay, and give you a little bit of a kind of lay of the land, so to speak. We are at our new location, which we absolutely love this year, it's 1500 13th Avenue East, right next to Menard's in West Fargo. And we absolutely love the bigger square footage, the great lighting, and we were just talking a little bit earlier this morning, Bert, about all of our inventory. And we are just jam packed with inventory right now. And we have everything out on the floor. So if you're looking for sized, or you're looking for something in particular, we have everything out on display, floor to ceiling stuff. Like you were saying, it's almost a little bit overwhelming when you walk in just as to how much product we really have this season, but that is part of the reason we call ourselves "Your Halloween Super Store" is because we have so much product to show, and we happen to be standing next to probably one of our cutest home décor pieces this morning.

He's our little singing skeleton, and I'm just gonna play him for just a moment so you can see how he works.

I love this one.

And he is super cute. And ...

Oh, that is the cutest.

He is darling. And we have tons of home décor pieces like him, and what's great about him is his price point. He's under $60, he is simple to assemble, he comes in a box all ready to go. You basically just click two little metal rods and he's ready to play. Not super scary, really kind of fun and humorous. So if you're looking to have a really fun time at a party, he would be a great accessory to your event.

Yeah, this is great. So we're talking home décor today. And office décor, because I probably am taking that little guy to the office.

He is super cute-

I love it.

Yeah, he is really cute. And when it comes to other, if you're looking for stuff that might be a little bit more on the creepy or scary side, we have a lot of our little moving, or what we call our lunging zombie collection. With zombies that are either motion or sound activated, that really, again, sell for great price points. This season we were really focusing on price points on a lot of our pieces that are gonna be well under $100, and many of them under that $50 price point, especially with all of the hanging pieces behind us, which are mostly sound and motion activated, they are all at wonderful price points, many of them under $30 so that you can easily dress your house up, give it a little bit of that haunt, or a little bit of that spook for a very affordable budget.

Show us one of these, what's a-

Probably one of our best-selling in our hanging collection is what we call our scary bat. And ... yeah, that it is.

That's a little scary for-

What makes him great is, he's under $30, he runs on batteries, he has light-up motion eyes, motion-activated arms, a great sound system, so if you're looking to put him hanging him possibly from a tree or a [inaudible 00:03:16] in your house, he works very well in situations like that. I wouldn't want to, necessarily, expose him to a lot of moisture, but if you have an overhang, he would work wonderfully in your home. (silence) We've got ... This has been a real popular larger home décor piece, which she is our lunging haggard witch, and she also is motion and sound activated. Her eyes light up, and I can try to show you how she works.

Yeah, let's turn her on. Oh!

She is creepy.

She is really a great one. Sound and motion activated, again, you can use the little try me step pad, so if you want to hide some leaves over it and put it kind of walking up to your home and let the kids accidentally step on it and activate her, she is fantastic, she happens to be my last one. She's under $200, and right now we are running some specials on home décor this weekend. If you purchase any one of our animatronics, you get one of your choice of different tombstones, and we have several tombstones lined up along the back here, and along the back wall of your choice. We also have some amazing, fun clown props, so if you're really into clowns, which a lot of people wither absolutely love them or are absolutely are terrified, we have a whole collection of our swinging clown props, which have been great. And I'm gonna see if I can activate him right now for us.

Is that sound or is it motion activated?

This one is going to be a motion-activated sensor on him that's going to allow him to go. He also does have a try me pad.

Oh, he is creepy. My daughter hates clowns, so she would, I should send her that one.

He's great. He's a great price point as well, and we have a few of him left, so if people are into clowns and trying to make their house over that way, we do have a handful of him left, but he's been a great one this year, especially with the movie "It" coming out, anything clown-related has been a huge success for us. Also, I'm gonna maybe take us just right behind, and if you're looking for just some basic home décor accessories where you want just to outfit, maybe the inside of your kitchen, or the inside of your room, we've got some basic kind of freaky fabric design which you can use. Put on any of your table runners, or you can use it as, and this, basically what they're showing here is almost is like a table cloth that you can use to kind of line.

We have several of these really cute instant jack 'o' lanterns, or instant coffins, and what these are, they're super simple to assemble, and they actually just pop up, you don't have to ... a lot of people sometimes will use leaf bags where they'll try to fill bags and make them look like little jack 'o' lanterns. These are simple and you don't have the mess of that, you just simply use a couple of little wires that kind of go together within 30 seconds, you can have them assembled, and obviously, great when it comes to the end of the season, 'cause you can simply display it back in its proper bag and put it away 'till next Halloween.

Yeah, love it. It's even got a hanger on it, so it makes it real easy.

It makes it easy for cleanup, it does. Right down beside us here, if you're into some of the party accessories and you know that you're going to be doing something whether it be at your home or even for schools, we have all kinds of these fun little ice molds. This happens to be what we call our frozen fangs, but if you're looking to do some of your haunted witch's brew and you wat to do little fangs in there, this is a great accessory, we have several different molds that you can purchase of different types of fun little things for the kids.

Yeah, but you could even do like chocolates and those kinds of things, too.

You could. And people will use them as Jello molds, too, so they're really great, they're easy to use, and real easy for cleanup, and then we also sell a whole series of what we call Jiggle Wiggles. And Jiggle Wiggles are great, you can get them in different, whether it be hands or faces, and this happens to be, basically, the mold of a brain. And we use these a lot, people will buy them for classroom parties, moms will buy them if they're doing household stuff, or, obviously, college parties, but they're great, and they're super fun for making Jello molds. So ...


If you're also looking to do something with your windows, and you want to, maybe, give them a little bit of kind of a haunted fun look and you don't necessarily want to use that cotton-type spider webbing effect, we have a wonderful product called our Web Caster Gun, you can purchase these where they almost work kind of like a glue gun where they have little sticks that you insert into here, and you can either get the kind that would plug in, or you could get the kind that actually mount to your air gun. And what you do is, you just simply insert the little glue stick into the little syringe, and then just hit the handle. And then it will spray spider webbing wherever you point the gun. So if you want it on windows, if you want it on walls, if you want to do it from the ceiling, it's a simple way that you don't have to get up on a ladder, and you can go ahead and create a really fun spider web effect.

And quickly, right? Didn't you say-

And quickly. And cleanup is real easy. Just a little razor blade and it comes right down, just very easy cleanup. But really fun and adds that little extra touch if you're looking for spider webbing. Also, we happen to be standing next to our wall of just grab-and-go items that we call them. Whether it be table runners, whether it be our 3D bloody hands, or bloody finger drips. Things that are really quick that you want last minute, where you want to just put that little extra hint of haunt back into your house. We have a lot of different fun grab-and-go accessories, all at wonderful price points that you can grab if you need something on the go.

Now tell us about, we were talking about this last time, what was this used-

Those are our brand new flaming pumpkin lights. And we're really focused on safety this time of year, and instead of using the old-fashioned candle system, companies have really come out with some awesome, I mean in this case, kind of auto-timing functions that you can do whether you want the strobe effect, or whether you want it just to illuminate your pumpkin for multiple hours at a time. But there's a whole series of lighting products that we have that are safe, easy-to-use, and kid-friendly so that you can go ahead and carve pumpkins as a family, put these lights in them and not have to worry about them for the evening.

Yeah, I love it. It's auto timer on for six hours, off for eighteen. Sounds great.

Yes, so they are, they're really a simple item, and a great grab-and-go. If you're looking for something, and Bert, you happen to be standing right next to it. We have our voice changers. We talked about that.

I want one of these.

They're really fun. And you can program them to several different voices, so if it's something for a party where you maybe want to use it with one of our creepy ghouls and you want to set it, it does have a little battery pack or microphone system. You can change it from being a monster voice, to an alien voice, and you can amplify, and change, and magnify even your own voice., but they're super fun, we sell them a lot for home décor parties, and a lot for kids costumes, little boys live them, because then they can change their voice and have fun with it. And it's a great toy, even after the Halloween season.

Yeah, I was talking to one of my friends at work, and she said, "Well now with our two boys, the youngest is going to wear the other boy's costume." And I said, "Well why don't you just get a voice changer so that it's kind of different than what he had?" And she loved that idea. So she's going to use costumes that she had, and just use-

Use a voice changer to change out the look.


That's a great way to do it, and kids have a great time with them. So we always sell out of those, those are a real fun grab-and-go item. When it comes to stuff for your yard, we have a lot of different options there. And a lot of things that, again, can go outside, as long as they're, maybe slightly protected from the North Dakota elements. We have our whole series right here where we're standing of all of our full-body skeletons, and we have them in several different price point ranges. So if you're looking for a real deluxe skeleton, we have those, or if you're looking for a little bit more of the plastic version, a little bit more entry-level price point, we have those as well. And we also do very well with our bag 'o' bones. We have a lot of people that like to create fun, creepy, graveyard scenes, and this is an awesome way to do it. All the parts of the body are provided in that bag 'o' bones kit. And then you can just lay them out in your yard and create your own fun scene.

Yeah, I think for homes, and like, I just keep bringing up offices because it's so much fun, like you're there all day. So you can go home to the spooky, and you can even have it at work, so do two things.

You can, you can. And a lot of this stuff, like you said, if an office is going in together, price point are huge, and that's one thing that we're really focused on, so we've got all price points covered here at Halloween Express, so if you're looking to outfit your office cubicle for not a whole lot of money, we have all different kinds of things at all price points, and all levels.

Yeah, this is great.

So if we wanted, maybe just touch a little bit about tomorrow being end-issue homecoming.

Yes, let's talk about that.

And let's talk about spirit day. We've been promoting spirit day on the radio, we've been promoting spirit day on Facebook, and through our website, and now we're gonna promote it a little bit here today. Thursday we've got all kinds of hair spray products, all kinds of tutus, all kinds of face paint makeup. So if you are still looking for some fun green and gold accessories for this weekend's game, we have all of that product covered here at Halloween Express.

Yeah, what a great photo opportunity to get those fun things to wear to the game this weekend.

It is, and I know my daughter this morning came into our bedroom and said, "Mom, mom, we're having spirit week at our school." And so tomorrow she's got to dress, of course, in the green and gold colors. And so she said, "Mom, we need tutus, we need all the hair product, we need all the fun little pieces that you can put in your hair." Little color clips, we call them. And then we've got hair paint that you can put in, and so, of course she knows where to come, and all of her friends are shopping here at Halloween Express as well.

That's great. So we're at Halloween Express, we're at their new location, and Brenda, where is that again?

That, again, is 1500 13th Avenue East in West Fargo right next to Menard's.

Okay, so thanks for joining us.

Thank you

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