Wigs, Wings, Makeup, Shoes, Tools and So Much More to complete your outfit.

Hello! It's Brenda here at Halloween Express in Fargo. I just want to introduce myself and tell you that we are at our new location this, 1500 13th Avenue East. Right next to Menard's. I want to show you a little bit about what we specialize in. We've always told ourselves that we are your premier headquarters when it comes to accessories and especially when it's accessories for women. Women always are looking to go above and beyond in making themselves look fantastic that night of Halloween. Right behind me you are going to see just a small snippet of some of the accessories that we specialize in, whether it be hosiery, we've got a whole wall of shoes, whether it be anything that you need from wings to any of our wig department, which we have a whole wall of wigs that we're getting set up and many more that are still looking to come in in inventory yet today.

But as we're walking around the store, we want to make sure that you guys check out all of our new stuff so that you can get an idea and maybe kind of start deciding what it is you want to be for Halloween, because the one thing I always want to let our clients know is you must shop early. We get a lot of people that come in right away and stuff does start to get picked over quite quickly, so we just want to make sure that you start planning ahead for what it is that you want to be this season. Stop on in and check us out at our new location. It's 1500 13th Avenue East here in West Fargo. Halloween Express, your Halloween headquarters! Thanks!

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