This year's largest selection of Halloween costumes for children are here! Gigantic selection of kids costumes and children's costumes in unusual and hard to find styles and sizes. Shop for inspirational children's Halloween costumes, dress-up costumes as well as entertaining costumes just for kids. This Halloween let your child's imagination and creativity run wild with a costume from Halloween Express Fargo. Visit our Fargo Store Location and remember to shop early for best selection.


Kid's Halloween Costumes

This year's New for 2020 collection of children's costumes has all sorts of new characters in it that will get your children very excited. Characters from the Avengers, Star Wars, Cinderella, Transformers, and Alice in Wonderland--just to name a few. We even have New for 2020 Inflatable costumes that are absolutely incredible! Of course, you will also find new takes on old favorites like pirates, clowns, ninjas, and knights. When it comes to fresh and new costume looks, whatever your kids are craving, you are sure to find it here as part of our New for 2020 Kids costume collection!


Infant Costumes

This year, New for 2020, we are introducing many exciting and unique styles of costumes that are made especially for infants. Pop culture looks from your favorite movies and television shows are always big hits. Can you imagine a pint-sized Darth Vader? Adorable animal looks will wrap your child up in warm comfort while he or she takes his cuteness factor to an unsurpassed level. No matter what your occasion may be, from Halloween to a milestone photo shoot, dressing your child up in a costume is a fun and memorable way to remember babyhood. Our collection of infant costumes has everything you need to make this happen!


Toddler Costumes

Our fantastic collection of New for 2020 Toddler Costumes has many new costume styles that your little one is going to get very excited about. These are the costumes that they want! We have rustled up some pretty fabulous costume looks from many of your kid’s favorite movies, like the Avengers, Cinderella, and Frozen. We also have fun, and whimsical character looks from your youngster’s preferred television shows like Sesame Street and Power Rangers. Looking for some basic, tried and true costume looks like pirates and ninjas? We have lots of those kinds of styles, too. These costumes are sure to give your child hours and hours of exciting playtime adventures! For the very latest in exciting new toddler costumes, you have to check out our New for 2020 Toddler Costume collection!


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