The most popular Halloween costumes for 2017 are here! Shop in-store for Adult Costumes, Halloween Costumes for Kids, Accessories, Props and Halloween Decor at Halloween Express Fargo. Find the latest trends and styles of Halloween costumes, accessories and home and yard decor for 2017. From fun to scary and everything in-between, our NEW FOR 2017 Halloween section has the unusual and hard to find must have items for Halloween. Visit our Fargo Store Location and remember to shop early for best selection.


New for 2017 Halloween Costume Accessories

Our collection of NEW FOR 2017 Halloween costume accessories has something for everyone! Once you’ve decided on “what to be” for your dress up event and have the perfect costume all picked out . . . guess what? Your fun is just beginning! Now it’s time to accessorize! Accessories are those fun little extras that add some personality and pizzazz to your costume. Watch your costume look go quickly from pretty ordinary to that of an authentic costume master, with so little effort!


NEW FOR 2017 Halloween Decor

Our collection of NEW FOR 2017 Halloween decorations and props has something for everyone! Is your idea of Halloween decorating setting up a creepy makeshift cemetery in your front yard? Perhaps you're looking for some spooky window decorations? Or do you want holiday decor that is much more whimsical, lighthearted and fun? No matter what your decorating needs may be, we’ve got everything you need to make your ideas into reality.



When it comes to putting together a costume look that really rings true, a proper hat to top it all off is probably mandatory. Our New for 2017 Hat collection is loaded with a whole new bunch of nifty headgear. New for this year toppers include, fedoras, helmets, sombreros, skimmers, bowlers, bonnets and other assorted lids - just to name a few. When it comes to finding the perfect hat to accessorize your costume look - look no further than our huge New For 2017 Hat Collection. Now that my friend is an idea we can tip our hats to!


NEW FOR 2017 Infant Costumes

This year, New for 2017, we are introducing many exciting and unique styles of costumes that are made especially for infants. Pop culture looks from your favorite movies and television shows are always big hits. Can you imagine a pint-sized Darth Vader? Adorable animal looks will wrap your child up in warm comfort while he or she takes his cuteness factor to an unsurpassed level. No matter what your occasion may be, from Halloween to a milestone photo shoot, dressing your child up in a costume is a fun and memorable way to remember babyhood. Our collection of infant costumes has everything you need to make this happen!


NEW FOR 2017 Kid's Halloween Costumes

This year's New for 2017 collection of children's costumes has all sorts of new characters in it that will get your children very excited. Characters from the Avengers, Star Wars, Cinderella, Transformers, and Alice in Wonderland--just to name a few. We even have New for 2017 Inflatable costumes that are absolutely incredible! Of course, you will also find new takes on old favorites like pirates, clowns, ninjas, and knights. When it comes to fresh and new costume looks, whatever your kids are craving, you are sure to find it here as part of our New for 2017 Kids costume collection!


NEW FOR 2017 Halloween Masks

This year our buyers have combed the earth for the most modern styles of masks to bring to our new mask collection, and there is much here to get you excited. We have political figures, horror characters, and silly masks, party-style masks, Star Wars masks, half masks and so much more. Whatever your character desires may be, from famous and iconic superheroes to graphically realistic monstrosities, we’ve got your face pretty much covered in this truly amazing collection of New for 2017 masks!


NEW FOR 2017 Men's Costumes

Some of our favorite costume looks in the New for 2017 Men’s collection include: superheroes, clowns, movie characters, holiday looks, horrible horror freaks, and some very silly stuff that is quite frankly, beyond description. You just have to take a moment and look through these fabulous new costume looks! For you guys who are looking for something fresh, new, novel and original to wear for your next dress up occasion, look no further. Our New for 2017 Men’s costume collection will not disappoint!


NEW FOR 2017 Party Supplies

This year, our New for 2017 collection of party supplies has all sorts of unique, fun and just a little bit crrrrrazzy items that you are sure to want for your next gathering. Our party selection includes backdrops, table covers, paper goods, inflatable coolers, centerpieces, hats and banners--and so much more. For every event from Fiestas and graduations to Christmas or Halloween parties - make our New for 2017 Party Supply collection your last stop for a heavy dose of party pizzazz - then let the fun begin!


NEW FOR 2017 Plus Size Costumes

The year 2017 brings with it a whole new assortment of fresh new costume choices for Plus Size folks. These are the hottest costumes, the newest styles, and the hippest styles--nothing frumpy or boring here. Are you a Plus Size gal who wants to wear a sexier look to the party? Well, how about a Sexy Cleopatra or Police Officer look? Or maybe a more demure Alice in Wonderland is more your style? Stylish Plus Size men have lots of New Plus Sized choices as well. Hit the party as your favorite Superhero or go way back to the Dark Ages with a dashing Noble Knight Costume. No matter what your costume desire is, you are going to love this New For 2017 Plus Size Costume collection. This fabulous new selection will give you plenty of amazing costume styles to choose from that are sure to fit you perfectly!


NEW FOR 2017 Sexy Costumes

Halloween and dressing up in a costume is every girl’s chance to feel a bit flirtatious, sensual and very attractive. Sexy costumes are specially designed to show off all those girly curves while accentuating and flattering your figure - all while getting dressed up as your favorite costume character! Bringing sexy back has never been so easy or so much fun with our collection of New for 2017 Sexy Halloween Costumes.


NEW FOR 2017 Toddler Costumes

Our fantastic collection of New for 2017 Toddler Costumes has many new costume styles that your little one is going to get very excited about. These are the costumes that they want! We have rustled up some pretty fabulous costume looks from many of your kid’s favorite movies, like the Avengers, Cinderella, and Frozen. We also have fun, and whimsical character looks from your youngster’s preferred television shows like Sesame Street and Power Rangers. Looking for some basic, tried and true costume looks like pirates and ninjas? We have lots of those kinds of styles, too. These costumes are sure to give your child hours and hours of exciting playtime adventures! For the very latest in exciting new toddler costumes, you have to check out our New for 2017 Toddler Costume collection!


NEW FOR 2017 Wigs

Our New for 2017 Wig collection has many fresh new styles to dress your head to perfection while taking care of all those hairy little costume details. No more stressing out about trying to get the perfect hair for your costume - wigs are super easy to wear and require very little effort to get just right. When you care about the hair you wear…sometimes the simplest thing to do is to don a wig! Check out our latest wig styles in our New for 2017 Costume Wig collection!


NEW FOR 2017 Women's Costumes

Halloween Express has thousands of costume choices for women. We are always scouring the costume marketplace so we can bring you the latest, freshest and most on-trend costume styles imaginable. We’ve put together a women’s collection of all that’s new for 2017 - and you are going to love it! We have stunning costume looks that will transform you into princesses, fairies, pirates, gypsies and even ninja’s…or if you prefer something a little sillier, we have costume looks that are sure to cause a few double-takes at your next dress up event. Our New for 2017 Women’s Costume collection has dozens of brand new, never before seen styles that are sure to get you very excited to try a new character on for size!